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All the STATS you need in simple fun format

Driving, GIR, scramble, sand saves, putts, score, handicap, just like the pros you see on TV

Check out these screenshots:

Club Distances
Tells you how far you hit with each club

Beginning with myGolfStats

Organize and track your screen shots

Round Summary
Take with you anywhere

Stores about 100 rounds

Tracks your money shots

Score Posts
Keeps track of your score

Enter the shots in 5 seconds per hole

Through special arrangement US Handicap , myGolfStats users are able to upgrade and get an official USGA Handicap for a small cost your scores to be posted directly to the USGA site from your device FRE of charge. The handicap is the same, but not official.

myGolfStats gives everyone what they need to improve!

Go to iTunes and instead of buying the app, click on the down arrow next to the button and then click GIFT APP.